Autumn ..... time to stay cosy, drink coco, reflect and relax

I love this time of year - for me it's a transition time, like dusk when day slowly turns to night.  Nature is undressing in a wonderful display of reds, browns and golds with the ground crunching as dry leaves are crushed underfoot.

This part of the year is all about making myself, and those around me cosy, warm and comfortable.  It's a time for soups made from root vegetables rich in colour and flavour; a time for home baking - thank you to a friendly neighbour for leaving some fab cooking apples on my doorstep ... the resulting apple crumble with hot caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream and fresh home grown mint leaves went down a treat!

From a crafting perspective, this season will be all about my Hygge collection - scented lavender bags, fabric face masks (to keep you and those around you safer from germs when travelling), crocheted blankets, autumnal wreaths made from harvested foliage and even soft snuggly toys come into their own.

Make your own hand crafted haven at home and get ready to enjoy those darker nights and inside living times that lie ahead!