Renew, refresh, reawaken ....

Warmer weather, longer days, fresh air and a clean house – Spring has sprung in all its glory, hurray!

I’m enjoying this season of transition and expecting great things to sprout from the craft seedlings I planted a few months ago so I may bring many new byFrolly projects into bloom.

  • I’ve been busy decorating my new studio and hope to be working from it by the end of April.
  • I’ve put flowers to press weeks ago, which I look forward to opening to complete some dry flower art work.
  • I’ve been crocheting in the evenings and almost have enough to make my first boho bag.
  • I’ve been cooking rose petals to make organic confetti for some pending nuptials.
  • I’ve made no progress on the tomato boxes ….. yet ….. but that status too shall change with the spirit of rejuvenation that is in the air.

I hope that you are inspired like me to finish some of those WIP projects!